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|   March 20, 2018

CATAN World Championship 2018 takes place for the first time in Cologne

On the 24th and 25th of November 2018, the best Catan players from all over the world will meet in the event location “Theaterhaus Köln” to host…

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|   March 1, 2018

Catan Universe now available for Mac on STEAM

Catan Universe is now available for Macs via STEAM! If you should already have a Catan Universe account, simply log-in and get access to all your already…

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|   February 8, 2018

CATAN – Rise of the Inkas announced

Long before the Inkan (aka “Incan”) Empire rose to dominance in Peru, many advanced indigenous cultures developed and declined in the…

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|   December 14, 2017

The Legend of the Sea Robbers – there’s more than meets the eye!

Would you like to play Legend of the Sea Robbers, released in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Seafarers expansion, with just two players? No problem!…

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|   December 2, 2017

Catan VR: New Trailer and Registration for Closed Beta

You can now apply to participate in the closed beta on the official website of the developer Experiment 7. The closed beta is available for…

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|   November 16, 2017

CATAN on PAX Unplugged

From Nov. 17 – Nov. 19, PAX Unplugged takes place in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Catan Studio is there showing the current line of Catan games and…

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|   November 15, 2017

CATAN Universe now also available for iOS and Android

All the games, all the platforms, a community for all digital CATAN players, that’s CATAN Universe. With CATAN Universe players will be able to compete against any…

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CATAN mobile app is now called CATAN Classic

The existing Catan apps (Catan and Catan HD) for iOS and Android were renamed as Catan Classic, to clearly distinguish them from the new Catan Universe. The…

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|   November 13, 2017

CATAN EC 2017 – This winner is from Lithuania

And the new CATAN European Champion, for the first time from Lithuania, is Evaldas Rutkauskas. Congratulations!

From around 44 participants, the following players were able to reach the…

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|   October 24, 2017

“Arrival on Catan”: More free content for every CATAN Universe user with update 1.4.0!

The brand new free introduction “Arrival on CATAN” introduces new and old players to the different aspects and possibilities in CATAN Universe.

Once the challenges have been mastered,…

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