Catan Universe: New Theme-Sets and Game Modes for “Rivals for Catan”

Press Releases |   June 20, 2018

“Rivals for Catan” is a classic like the CATAN board game, except that in this game two players are each building a principality by using a wide range of cards wisely.

Since the launch of Catan Universe, the introductory game was already part of the offer. With “The Era of Turmoil,” “The Era of Progress” and “The Era of Gold,” three exciting theme-sets were added now with countless new cards and possibilities. In addition, the developers have given the game new game modes in which you can compete by using one or more theme sets against other players worldwide or against a computer opponent alone.

“Rivals for Catan” is now available as an in-app purchase, while the introductory game can still be played for free. Catan Universe is available for smartphones, tablets and PCs (Windows / Mac) and can be used on all available platforms with just one account.