In the CATAN Championship program, players worldwide compete in national tournaments to become their country’s National Champion. Every two years, we send the National Champions to the CATAN World Championships.

The 2022 CATAN World Champion is Hamish Dean of New Zealand! Congratulations to Hamish for beating out 85 other competitors from around the world!

The best CATAN players from all over the world gathered in Valletta, Malta, from November 19-20, 2022, to compete in the 2022 World Championship. After four rounds of preliminary games, Hamish entered the semi-final round ranked #16 of 16. The final table consisted of Hamish, Eric Freeman (#15) of the United States, Thomas Bostrup (#13) of Denmark, Emanuele Scapaticci (#11) of Italy.

One semi-final match and the final match were live streamed on the CATAN YouTube page and a replay can be found at Co-hosted by CATAN Studio, Kosmos and CATAN GmbH, the 2022 World Championship was the first time players competed in a worldwide, in-person competition since 2018. 

The next CATAN World Championship will take place in 2024. No announcement has been made yet regarding specific dates or location.

The next international events will be the 2023 European and Americas Championships, dates and locations to be announced.

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Current English-Language Participating Countries:

  • United States 2023
  • Canada 2023
  • United Kingdom 2023
  • Republic of Ireland 2023
  • Australia 2023
  • New Zealand 2023
  • South Africa 2023 (coming soon)

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Tournament Map Repository

Test yourself against our National and World champions by playing on some of the maps they’ve faced in our international events.

CATAN World Championship History

1995: Players gather at the “Deutsche Mannschaftsmeisterschaft im Brettspiel” (German Board Game Championship for Teams) for the first large-scale competition

1998: First annual Board Game Championships hosted by Spielezentrum Herne, Germany. Players from other countries were eventually allowed to join these German tournaments, and other countries began hosting their own tournaments.

2002: The first CATAN World Championship was held to include players who were participating in tournaments outside Germany. This was initially held at the game fair “Internationalen Spieltage” in Essen, Germany.

2008: The CATAN World Championship was held at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana, the largest game fair in the United States. Since then, World Championships are held every two years in different locations.

2009: Europe’s best Catan players meet at the first European Championship.

2019: The first Americas Championship was held in Oaxaca, Mexico, hosting champions from North, Central, and South America. These “Continental Championships” are now held on off-years to the World Championships.