New “CATAN – Crop Trust” Scenario to Debut at Essen 2018

Press Releases |   October 5, 2018

A collaboration between the Global Crop Diversity Trust (“Crop Trust”) and Catan GmbH, the scenario introduces a new semi-cooperative way to play the classic game, while learning about one of the greatest challenges facing the planet today.

In CATAN – Crop Trust, players balance their individual need to harvest crops against their collective goal to store and preserve seeds in the Seed Vault. Players who harvest too much endanger the seed diversity, and in doing so, threaten Catan with mass extinctions and a collapse of the food supply.

“This is a completely new element for Catan players to navigate,” says Benjamin Teuber, Managing Director of Catan GmbH and co-creator of the new scenario. As a part of our mission to support conservation of natural resources, Catan GmbH will donate all proceeds from the scenario to the Crop Trust. Catan Studio, the publisher for the English-speaking market, will also donate a portion of their revenue per printed copy, and will offer support to organizations who want use the scenario for educational or charitable causes.

“We’re delighted that CATAN has pioneered this new version of the game, and generously chosen to donate profits to the Crop Trust,” said Marie Haga, Executive Director for the Crop Trust. “This will help ensure that seeds—the foundation of our food supply—are safe, and available to all.”

The CATAN – Crop Trust board game contains a specially-produced almanac which explains the history of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Frequently Asked Questions, and examples of the importance of crop conservation: from enabling scientists to develop more resilient rice, to more nutritious maize and heat beating beans.

CATAN – Crop Trust will debut at the Essen Game Fair and will be available in stores and online on November 8, 2018.