CATAN Masters Invitational

Your 2022 Top Four!

CATAN Studio appreciates all our players who have made CATAN Tournaments so enjoyable and exciting. The CATAN Masters Invitational Tournament is a special Qualifier tournament for the Master CATAN player. 

How to Qualify:

To qualify for the Masters Invitational Tournament, you must have placed in the Top 16 at any previous year’s National Championship.

How to Attend:

The CATAN Studio Organized Play team will send invitations in rank order to players on the Masters list. The first 64 players to respond and confirm attendance may attend. We send emails out to the highest ranking players first, and then down the list.

Did you not receive an email and think you should have? Check at the bottom of the rankings page, where you will find a list of people for whom we do not have email addresses. Contact us to update your contact information.

Masters Ranking Score:

Click here to see the current rankings. 

Invitations to the Masters Invitational go out in blocks based on a player’s Masters Ranking Score. Players who have earned the most points, through the ranking system, get the first invitations to the Masters Tournament. If those players don’t respond by a certain date, then open seats are offered to the next block of players, and so on until the seats are filled.

We will place late submissions on a waiting list.

This program began with the 2016 World Championship in Durango, Colorado. We awarded players on the previous Masters list 1 point to start off the program. Presently, this program is active in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

How to Earn Points:

Once qualified by placing in the top 16 at their National Championship, players will earn points:

Points EarnedDescription
1*Attending a CATAN National Championship
1Reaching the top 16 at a CATAN National Championship
1Reaching the Final Table at a CATAN National Championship
1Reaching the top 16 at the CATAN Americas Championship
1Reaching the Final Table at the CATAN Americas Championship
1Placing in the top 4 at the Masters Invitational
2Attending the CATAN World Championship
2Reaching the Final Table at the CATAN World Championship
4Winning the CATAN World Championship

* Important: A player does not earn points for attending their National Championship the year they qualify (by reaching the top 16). They may earn an additional point for reaching the Final Table (max of 2 points that year).

2022 Masters Invitational Results:

Congratulations to William “Azrael” Spear who was the winner of this year’s Masters Invitational.

The top 4 players were:

  1. William “Azrael” Spear
  2. Andrew Scott
  3. Crystal Oxborrow
  4. Myra Alexander

Scoring & Prizes:

Participants receive CATAN Masters t-shirts and a bag of CATAN goodies. In addition, the winner of each game wins the copy of the game at their table! We also host a CATAN Social for all the Masters players and the National Championship Qualifier Champions.

The top four players at the 2022 Masters Invitational win a seat at their country’s next National Championship event. If the top four have already qualified for their 2022 National Championships or the 2022 World Championship, the next person in the final rankings will take their place.


  • You must be 18+ to participate in the CATAN Masters Invitational.
  • If you drop in the middle of the tournament or are a no-show, you will be removed from the CATAN Masters program. (If you have an emergency, contact us as soon as possible and we won’t remove you from the program)


Email the Organized Play Team here: [email protected]