By attending and/or participating in a CATAN Championship Tournament event, the participant grants to CATAN GmbH (collectively “CATAN”) and its assigns, agents, and those acting with its permission (together, the “CATAN Parties“), the right to use recordings, audio, video, images, photographs, and/or other likenesses of participant, (collectively and individually, “Information“), and to incorporate such Information into any CATAN Parties promotional, marketing, informational, or other materials, including in, but not limited to, photographs, video recordings, electronic media, Internet web sites, and social media web sites and platforms (“CATAN Materials“).    

The participant acknowledges and agrees that the CATAN Parties may use, edit, reproduce, display, distribute, create derivative works of, and publish without restriction, in whole or in part, the Information and CATAN Materials, in any current and future media, for any purpose. The participant acknowledges that CATAN is not required to use the Information.

The participant waives all rights, claims, or interest, if any, that they now have or may later acquire with respect to any Information incorporated into or otherwise related to the CATAN Materials, including any right to any compensation. The participant acknowledges no compensation will be offered or granted at any time before, during or after the use of the Information and CATAN Materials. The participant releases and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, CATAN, its officers, employees, assigns, agents, and those acting with its permission, from all liability for any claims related to the Information and CATAN Materials.