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Missing & Replacement parts

If you just purchased or were gifted a new CATAN game from an authorized seller and it is missing pieces, you should return your game to your retailer. Your retailer will then give you a new copy of the game, and return your defective game back to the manufacturer. If you have issues with your retailer or cannot do the exchange with your retailer, you can contact Asmodee Customer Service, who will assist you with an exchange: [email protected]

If you are looking for replacements for lost pieces or your game gets damaged with regular use, you have a couple of options. sell some replacements parts such as replacement wood sets and decks of cards. . You can find those here:

For the other parts, there are a few ways to find replacement parts for your game. First, check your local game stores to see if they sell used games; you could get one and use it for replacement parts. You could also try online on eBay or’s Market. Many people buy and trade used games and game components there.

Rules Related Questions

If you are just learning to play CATAN, we have a few different ways to learn the game.

Catan Assistant app for iOs and Android –
Watch this video on How to Play Catan:
Play Catan Universe (Steam, iOs, Android, Browser). You can play the single player tutorial for free:

There are also a lot of answers to FAQs here:



Catan Community:

For CATAN Tournament related questions, please contact [email protected]

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