CATAN Studio™ is here to help bring the best CATAN® experience to you as possible.

Sales Inquiries

If you have general sales questions or would like to speak to a sales specialist at Asmodee US, please contact us at (651) 639-1905 ext 218, or email us at [email protected].

Employment/Freelance Opportunities

If you wish to work for Asmodee US or are looking for freelance opportunities, visit the Asmodee US Careers site here:

Note: CATAN Studio, Asmodee US, and CATAN GmbH do not accept unsolicited game design, development, or writing submissions.  

General Catan Information

If you own the English language version of CATAN by CATAN Studio, the friendly staff at CATAN Studio will gladly assist you with regards to inquiries about missing pieces, replacement parts, and any other questions you may have about our games.

Catan Community:

For CATAN Championship related questions, please contact [email protected]

For other events, charity requests, and community related topics, please contact [email protected]

For our IP Policy, you can review it by clicking here.