CATAN – The Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 7

Press Releases |   July 2, 2020

The story for “CATAN – The Legend of the Conquerors” – Chapter 2 – Part 2

The captain bid farewell and Thora sent for her husband, who was currently in the city. It didn’t take Dagur long to arrive at his wife’s office. When the broad-shouldered cavalry leader greeted Thora, he had an expression of respect and high esteem in his eyes. After a warm embrace, Thora told her husband about her conversation with Captain Wyler. Dagur was a rather down-to-earth man who preferred being outdoors riding a horse over sitting in a dark office occupying himself with state affairs. However, he had listened with interest. “That’s really good news, Thora. Although it seems to me that we are a pawn in the hands of the powers of the Old World, we may get a chance to defend our freedom.” With a crooked smile that Thora so loved about him, Dagur changed the subject. “By the way, I talked to one of our spies. He reported that the conquerors currently do not intend to advance southward but first want to attack our troops in the Northeast. Therefore, I suggest that I ride north with part of my cavalry, to help our people there.” “I hope the spy is reliable.” Thora hesitated for a moment, as if weighing the pros and cons of her options. “All right, then I’ll ride with you and leave the South in the hands of my deputy. I think our troops expect me to lead them as their commander-in-chief.” A couple of days later, Thora had taken all necessary steps. She had briefed her deputy about the ongoing state affairs and entrusted him with the defense of the South. The three ships Captain Wyler had provided were heading toward Catan’s northeast, to supply the defenders with weapons and armors. Together with Dagur and part of his cavalry, Thora also set out for the Northeast, where she had to stop the advance of the enemy.
Catan - Die Legende der Eroberer - Kapitel 2