CATAN – The Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 6

Press Releases |   July 1, 2020

The Story of the Legend of the Conquerors – Chapter 2 – Part 1


Under the command of warlord Roven, the Catanians had successfully slowed down the advance of the enemy army. At the right moment – before the Catanian troops would suffer major losses – Roven retreated with most of the population of the Northwest to the northeastern part of the island.

Captain Wyler

Thora was ready to welcome the captain. Accompanied by a guard, a wiry, older sailor whose weather-beaten face testified to many years spent at sea entered her office. “I salute you, Captain Wyler. I hope you had a smooth passage and are satisfied with your commercial transactions.” With a mischievous smile, Wyler scrutinized the Catanian ruler standing upright and proudly in front of him. “Oh, commercial transactions? Of course, that’s why I’m here. But this time there’s a bit more at stake. I’m acting on behalf of my king, who sends you greetings and wants to propose a very special business deal.” Thora perked up her ears. Captain Wyler came from a country fron the Old World that Catan had good trade relations with. If the king of that country was proposing a business deal, it might be helpful in the struggle against the conquerors. It seemed as if the captain had guessed Thora’s thoughts. “My king wants to help you fight your enemy. As a sign of his friendship and goodwill, he sends you three caravels equipped with cannons. They are anchored in the harbor. You can man them with your people at any time. In the holds of the ships you’ll find more cannons, armors, and longbows, which should allow your fighters to stop your enemy’s advance.“ Thora could hardly believe her luck. Was this the miracle she had hoped for? “Captain Wyler, that sounds very generous of your king. However, you mentioned a business deal. So, what’s the catch? And if your king apparently is so interested in our independence, why doesn’t he send troops right away to support our fight?” Wyler looked Thora straight in the eye. “Our king cannot openly side with you, because at the moment he doesn’t want to risk a war with the country that is trying to conquer your island. But he doesn’t want Catan to fall into the hands of one of his biggest competitors in the Old World, either. And regarding your second question, of course our king isn’t altruistic, or else he wouldn’t be king. In exchange for the ships and weapons, he wants an appropriate amount of amber and of the wine that so superbly grows on the slopes of your beautiful island. You can discuss the amounts with our negotiators. If you deliver the agreed amounts on my next visit, we will provide you with more high-quality weapons and armor.” Thora mulled over the offer. Amber was found on Catan at many locations and didn’t have a particularly high value on the island. Even less well-off families were able to afford amber jewelry. Given the circumstances, for the sake of their independence, people would surely be willing to sacrifice their amber jewelry and abstain from consuming Catanian wine for a while. “If you don’t demand outrageously high amounts of amber and wine, we’re in agreement. Before you leave, though, answer me one more question: Why are the countries of the Old World suddenly so interested in Catan?” “Can’t you guess, dear Thora? For one thing, Catan is a rich island, and for another, it is located exactly between the Old World and the New World in the West that was discovered more than 20 years ago. Your enemy needs your island as a base for their journeys between the two worlds. By the way, my king is sure that due to his kindness you will allow him to establish a base.” Thora had understood the veiled threat. This king definitely didn’t act selflessly, but as long as she could save Catan’s independence, she was fine with any concession.