CATAN mobile app is now called CATAN Classic

Press Releases |   November 15, 2017

The existing Catan apps (Catan and Catan HD) for iOS and Android were renamed as Catan Classic, to clearly distinguish them from the new Catan Universe. The classic apps will still be supported for now, after the launch of Catan Universe. However, there will be no more content updates.

Changeover from Catan Classic to Catan Universe
Buyers of the Catan Classic apps for Android and iOS can unlock the content “Basic game”, “Seafarers” and “Cities and Knights” already purchased in Catan Classic free of charge in Catan Universe, and get started in the new Catan Universe easily and without any additional costs.

How the changeover will work:

  1. Download Catan Universe free from the App Store or Google Play or Amazon
  2. Create a Catan Universe account (you only need to enter an e-mail address for verification)
  3. Enter data from the Catan Universe account into the new transfer menu of the Catan Classic app
  4. The previously purchased content will automatically be unlocked in the Catan Universe account. The unlocking will be confirmed by a notification in Catan Classic.