Catan Universe is online!

Press Releases |   April 26, 2017

Together with USM and Exozet, we are happy to announce the release of a whole new digital Catan universe! With “Catan Universe” players from all over the world and with different devices will be able to play their favorite game anytime, anywhere with just one account against each other online or against clever computer opponents . The game is now available on Steam for PC and as a browser version for PC and Mac on More platforms (iOS and Android) will be available soon.

“Catan Universe” contains a free multi-player version of the original board game “Catan” with a fixed map. More game options and the most popular expansions “Seafarers” and “Cities & Knights” can be purchased individually. The two-player card game “Catan – The Duel” is also available with the free introductory game, further theme sets are in development. Players can create their own avatar and choose their favorite game board from different theme sets. Chats and guilds connect players worldwide. More features and expansions are currently in development.

Many thanks to all the users who supported the developer during the Early Access phase. Have fun with the new Catan!

Remark about the existing Catan apps for iOS and Android:

The current Catan apps will continue to be available beside the new platform for the time being. As a mark of USM’s (publisher of these apps) gratitude toward their existing customers, you’ll soon be able to unlock your purchased base game and expansion sets (Seafarers, Cities and Knights) on the new Catan Universe platform for free! USM will let you know via in-game news as soon as this transfer function is available.