Catan Continuity

News |   January 25, 2016

Catan Studio is now transitioning through the early stages of formation. We’re endeavoring to lay the strategic foundation for Catan’s future. At the same time, we seek continuity with Catan’s past.

The Studio’s staff is expending tremendous energy to ensure that a comprehensive program for designing games, creating merchandise, organizing events, and tournaments will all come together in a way that makes sense for the Catan brand and the Catan community.  The employees of Catan Studio have been the same wards of Catan for years now, despite the transition of the company name. Catan Studio strives to maintain the same quality environment that they’d surrounded the game for the last decade and look only to further excite old fans, please retailers, and share the discovery with new players.

At this time, Catan Studios has no plans to change the distribution system or its relationship with the customers. Catan will be available through all the same successful channels that it currently works with.