Helping Grow the Catan Brand

News |   January 7, 2016

With the New Year, Catan Studio, Inc. becomes the newest studio in the Asmodee Group. The studio has formed—and born out of Mayfair Games—as the exclusive worldwide English-language publisher of Catan brand analog games.

Catan Studio Mission

Catan Studio will endeavor to make Catan the world’s preeminent social game brand. We’ll work together with our licensor, Catan GmbH, Kosmos Verlag, USM, as well as the other Catan license partners. Together, this team will grow an enduring, positive, premium, value-based global brand—one firmly rooted in popular culture, and all about fun with friends and family.

Catan Studio Mandate

Catan Studio will serve as a flexible, independent, creative unit within the Asmodee Group and yet remains constantly engaged with its licensor Catan GmbH. Its focus and priorities will remain on developing excellent Catan content—including game, story, event, and merchandise development—as well as growing, supporting, and nurturing our great Catan community. To this end, our crew will serve as a key part of the greater Catan-brand development team. As a principal part of this talented team, Catan Studio hopes to drive a broader benefit flow to all Catan partners.

Catan Studio Program

Catan Studio will be a content-driven studio mandated to manage, organize, develop, and/or conceive a well-structured and coherent but diverse and flexible content portfolio. Catan Studio will produce both “Licensed Games” and “Licensed Catan Content.” These two evolving content trees may intertwine. Nonetheless, they encompass the foundational game program and all brand-related content related to, or derived from, that program. Catan Studio believes that its conception is a prelude to the further development and growth of the Catan brand. This growth will occur in both breadth and depth of markets. It will encompass both breadth and depth of content. It will involve growth in both quality and volume of premium content.

Catan Studio Crew

Catan Studio is built around four seasoned game specialists. As members of the great Mayfair Games team, they collectively have over 50 years of experience developing Catan brand products—and about 100 years in the game publishing business. Pete Fenlon serves as CEO of Catan Studio. Ron Magin is the Chief Operating Officer. Morgan Dontanville acts as our Chief Creative Officer. S. Coleman Charlton is Catan Studio’s Managing Editor. Robert T. Carty, Jr. acts as our sales and merchandise counsel. Pete will report directly to Stéphane Carville, CEO of the Asmodee Group. We’re based in Charlottesville, Virginia—the Blue Ridge home of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Lewis & Clark. We’re located 120 miles SW of Washington, DC. For more information about Catan Studio, email pete@catanstudio or see