English-Language Rights for CATAN Find a New Home

Press Releases |   January 7, 2016

Catan GmbH is proud to announce its new partnership with Catan Studio Inc. (Catan Studio), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Asmodee Group. Asmodee, a global game publishing and distribution company, has just acquired the popular English-language Catan license from Mayfair Games. Catan Studio, headed by former Mayfair CEO Pete Fenlon, was founded by Asmodee with the objective to fully focus on English-language Catan brand development in close cooperation with its licensor, Catan GmbH, and its key strategic partners, Kosmos and USM.

Catan Studio will build on Mayfair’s successful promotion of English-language Catan games. The English-language rights transfer will not affect Kosmos and its international publishing partners, who will continue to market Catan games in all other languages.

Catan GmbH is excited about this new partnership and the strong collaboration between its key publishing partners, which will increase opportunities regarding cohesive Catan brand development worldwide. Guido Teuber of Catan GmbH: “We are delighted to work closely with a strong international team of Catan publishing partners, all of whom are motivated to nurture and grow the Catan brand with great care and dedication.”