US Catan Masters Invitational

 Catan Studio appreciates all our players who have made the Catan Tournaments so enjoyable and exciting.  We have been revamping the Catan Masters Invitational Tournament at Gen Con, to offer a special tournament structure just for those who qualify as a Master Catan player. The Catan Masters Invitational Tournament is an invite-only special National Qualifier tournament at Gen Con each year. To qualify for the Masters Invitational Tournament, you must have placed in the Top 16 at any previous year’s National Championship. The three finalists of the Invitational tournament will have a seat at the Gen Con Nationals Qualifier Quarterfinals. The winner of the Catan Masters Invitational will win a trip to the next year’s Catan US National Championship at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH.

How it works:

Catan Studio will email the qualified players, and the first 32 to respond will be selected for the next Masters Invitational. We created a point system to track our eligible players’ standings, which is outlined below. 

Invitations to the Masters go out in blocks based on a player’s Master Ranking Score. Players who have earned the most points, through the system listed below, get the first invitations to the Masters Tournament. If those players don’t respond by a certain date, then open seats are offered to the next block of players, and so on until the seats are filled.

Later submissions will be placed on a waiting list.

This is a new system, and while we want to be inclusive of classic Catan players, sadly we don’t have all the history of our tournament system in a database. We are setting the starting date to begin with the last World Championship in Durango, 2016. From that date, the points below are added to each player’s total score. This score will be cumulative.

Masters Ranking Score:

  • 1 pt. = Your name is on the Masters list as of August 2017
  • 1 pt. = Every time you have attended a Catan US National Championship starting in 2017
  • 1 pt. = Every time you made it to the semi-final table at a Catan US National Championship starting in 2017
  • 1 pt. = Every time you made it to the final table at a Catan US National Championship starting in 2017
  • 2 pt. = Every time you have attended the Catan World Championship
  • 2 pt. = Every time you have made it to the final table at a Catan World National Championship
  • 4 pt. = Every time you win the Catan World Championship
  • 1 pt. = Every time you place 1-4 in the Masters program

Participants will receive a 4-day Gen Con Indy badge for participating in the Masters Invitational Tournament, along with a lovely bag of Catan goodies, and a Catan Masters T-Shirt.


You must be 18+ to participate in the Catan Masters Invitational. If you quit in the middle of the tournament or are a no-show, we will invoice you for the 4-day badge and you will be restricted from all future Catan Masters events.

The Games:

Players will play 3 games as seen below, and the third is a secret! The Catan Masters Tournament will feature expansions, helpers, and scenarios because we’re looking for true Masters of Catan! Here are the 2018 games:

Game 1: Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to Rails (1 Less City & 1 Less Goods piece)
Game 2: Catan Geographies: Georgia
Game 3: Surprise!

The top scorers of the Masters Invitational will move to the Gen Con Nationals Qualifier Semi-Finals/Finals.  If you are the winner of the Masters Invitational Tournament you will get a spot at the 2019 Catan Nationals Championship at Origins Game Fair, courtesy of Catan Studio. You will also get your name immortalized on the Catan Masters Trophy! If the Masters Invitational top 4 have already secured a space at the 2019 Nationals or 2020 Worlds, we’ll take the next highest scores in their place!

Have questions? Email Donna Prior, Catan Organized Play Manager: [email protected]