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History of the Catan World Championship Program

In 1995 players gathered to play the Catan base game during the “Deutsche Mannschaftsmeisterschaft im Brettspiel” (German Board Game Championship for Teams) finals.

Since 1998, there have been annual Board Game Championships hosted by Spielezentrum Herne, Germany. At first, these tournaments were open only to players in Germany. Since these tournaments weren’t offered in other countries, players from other countries also participated in the German tournaments. Eventually, more countries began hosting their own tournaments. Thus, in 2002 the first World Championship was held to include these players who were participating in tournaments outside Germany. To the present day, there have been players from more than 40 countries participating in the World Championships.

During the initial years, the Championships were hosted at the game fair “Internationalen Spieltage” in Essen, Germany. In 2008, for the first time, the Catan World Championship was held at Gen Con Indy, the largest game fair in the US. Since then, World Championships are staged every two years.

Since 2009, in the years between World Championships Europe’s best Catan players meet to determine the European champion. In 2019, the Americas Championship was added to the schedule. The Americas Championship includes countries in North, Central, and South America.

How Do I Participate In The Catan National Championship Tournament Program?

There are a number of different entry points to join into the Catan Championship Tournament community. These tournaments are called Qualifiers. These Qualifiers are hosted at either a convention or at a retail store. If you want to join a Qualifier, consult our handy listing to see what is still available near you on our map. You will need to contact the hosts directly to see how you can participate with them.

Each of these qualifying tournaments allow for you to compete against the best players in your region, and ultimately to see who will make it to the Catan National Championship.

The winner of each Catan National Qualifier will have special Catan-themed prizes and a guaranteed spot at the Catan National Championship in their country. At the National Championship, all Qualifier winners will face off against each other to become the year’s Catan National Champion. Every two years, the National Champions are sent to the Catan World Championship tournament to represent their country.

*Note* You must be 18+ years of age and a Citizen or Legal Resident of your respective countries to compete in any Catan National Championship event, even at the store/convention level.

 If you have already won a Qualifier for a season, you may not play in any other Qualifiers in that season. If you have already won a Qualifier in the season, and play in another Qualifier in the same season, you will be banned from the Catan Tournament program.

How Does A Catan National Championship Qualifier Work?

As a player, you’d contact the Qualifier Host to see how to sign up. There are some tournaments which are single day and some have multi-days and the Qualifier Host (retail store or convention) will have all the information you need.

You’ll follow all our Official Rules, Code of Conduct, and be up to date with the latest tournament rules.

What Happens When I Win The Qualifier?

Your Qualifier host will send us your name/email when they report the results to us. We will reach out with all the information you need to know and what to expect at the Catan National Championship of your country. You should book your transit and hotel as soon as you can when you receive the confirmation.

If you win your country’s Catan National Championship, you will be sent to the Catan World Championship by your country’s Host. The 2019 winner and the 2020 National Champions will compete at the 2020 Catan World Championship in Malta.