What is the Catan National Championship?

Every year players from around the country compete in local qualifying tournaments. The winners of each of the tournaments are sent to the Catan UK Championship (CUKC). In 2018, the CUKC will be held at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Players will face off against all other winners of the Qualifier tournaments to become the year’s UK Catan Champion. Every two years the UK Champions are sent to the Catan World Championship (CWC) tournament to represent the United Kingdom. The 2018 World Catan Championship will be held in Germany.

Interested in hosting a Catan Qualifier Tournament? Email Organized Play Manager:  [email protected]

We are currently booking stores, conventions, and charity events to host the Qualifier Tournaments. Keep checking back to see more listings! The 2018 Catan National Championship Season ends May 1st, a month before UK Games Expo.

NOTE: All participants must be US Citizens and be 18+ years of age.

Map Listings are coded by color and size. Blue Settlements are events which are upcoming. Red Settlements are events which have already closed. The Blue City is for the Catan National Tournament.

Player Information Host Information

Host Address Date Winner
UK Games Expo National Exhibition Centre
North Ave, Marston Green
Birmingham B40 1NT
June 1, 2018 - June 1, 2018