New Zealand 2023

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – June 06: Wellycon 2021 June 06, 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Elias Rodriguez/

How is the CATAN National Championship run in New Zealand?

Pixel Park sponsors the New Zealand CATAN tournament program and Wellycon organizes and runs it. The New Zealand tournament program consists of three Preliminary Tournaments and a final National Tournament.

Preliminary Tournaments are three games long and are open to all players ages 18+ who are citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.

Players are ranked based on the rules set out in the English-language CATAN Tournament Rules. The 16 players with the top scores across all Preliminary Tournaments will compete at the National Tournament. This is a two-round, single elimination event held at Wellycon on 3 June 2023.

Every two years the National Champions attend the CATAN World Championship tournament. The next CATAN World Championship will take place in 2024, location and date to be announced.

Preliminary Tournaments

11 March 2023

18 March 2023
Hobby Games

25 March 2023
Wellington Bridge Club

National Championship

3 June 2023

For questions about individual tournaments, please contact Wellycon. If you have general questions about CATAN Organized Play, please email [email protected].

NOTE: All participants must be New Zealand Citizens/Permanent Residents and be 18+ years of age.