Frequently Asked Questions

  • I live in a country other than the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or South Africa. Where can I find out about tournaments?

    Official Catan tournaments that feed into the Catan World Championship are organized by the publisher that holds the Catan license in your country. Please visit this link ( on the official Catan site, see who your country’s publisher is, and contact them directly. If you can’t find them or have trouble, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will see what we can find out for you!


  •     I see in the rules that I can break the tournament up into multiple days. What are the approved ways to do that?

    The three preliminary games should all be played on one day. You may split the semi-finals and finals off from the preliminaries and play them either together on one day, or separately on two more days. Keep in mind that you do not need a semi-final round if you have 28 players or fewer.


  •     How much should I charge for entry?

    You’re not required to charge any entry fee at all, but if you’d like to do so to defray costs, you are welcome to do so. Generally, entry fees run from $5.00 USD – $25.00 USD (or equivalent in your currency), with the upper end being events that benefit a charity.


  •     How many judges are needed for a Qualifier?

    This will vary based on how many participants you expect. Generally, we recommend one judge for every 3-4 tables (at minimum).


  • Why is the tournament limited to participants 18 years of age and older?

    This rule is in place to align with the World Championship as well as international laws regarding prizing and travel. The winner of the National Championship will compete in the World Championship, and so must be 18 at the time of your tournament in order to qualify.

    Catan Studio is presently developing an all-ages tournament that isn’t tied to the World Championship program. Stay tuned for details on that!


  •     What about prizes?

    Prizes supplied by Catan Studio in the Tournament Kit are listed in the Host Instructions for the current year. In addition to this, we reserve a seat for the winner at their country’s National Tournament. Catan Studio no longer provides travel to/from Nationals or an event badge.

    You (the host) are allowed to provide additional prizes if you wish. This may not take the form of a cash award – per Klaus Teuber himself!

    Some hosts have, in the past, offered travel vouchers or lodging assistance for their winner. This is very strongly discouraged. If you feel this is necessary to get your winner to the National Championship, it is imperative that you take all required steps to make sure your winner pays any accrued tax obligation.

    Catan Studio will provide travel to/from and lodging at the World Championship for the winner of the National Championship.


  • Can you help me acquire copies of the game?

    Catan Studio does not provide free or discounted copies of the game to event hosts and we do not have a game loan program at this time.

    Some ideas for sourcing multiple copies of the same edition of the game include seeking sponsorships from local game stores, or asking attendees to loan their copies of the game, perhaps in exchange for waiving their participation fee.


  •     How do I get the Tournament Kit?

    Conventions, non-retail locations, and charity events may receive the Tournament Kit at no charge through our Organized Play program. Send an email to [email protected] Retail game stores should request the kit through their Asmodee Account Representative.