Thank you for hosting a Catan Nationals Qualifier Tournament. We’ve provided the official rules, instructions and more for your use. If you have questions, you can email the Organized Play Team – [email protected]

2021 Tournament Documents (Updated October 25, 2021)

Photography & Video Policy – We recommend posting a sign at your event that indicates participation in your event allows participants to be photographed. If a participant wishes to opt out of photography and video, they must indicate this to the host. It is the host’s responsibility not to include images of individuals that opt out in material submitted to Catan Studio. Our full photography and video policy is available at this link.

Report Your Event

If you are not using the Tournament App, when your event is complete, you need to send a list of all participants and their emails to [email protected]. Also, please fill out the form below to capture your winner’s information.

Promotional Print Assets 

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